Supercharge EMOTIONAL HEALTH for your professional development – learn to thrive in Turkey!


………who feel like they may be standing on the edge of a precipice!

You are hardworking, professional, ambitious, and dedicated to building your career and business.

You love your job. You love the wheeling & dealing. You love the buzz of making money. You love being part of something that is growing, expanding, making a difference.

But just lately things have not felt quite right. There is a fear and sense of possible overwhelm’ beginning to creep in.

A growing sense that, the more you try to get a grasp on, to control, situations that occur during your day, the more you seem to be losing your grip.

The adrenalin that used to drive you, now feels it could be beginning to devour you.

You’re confident in your work environment. You know that you perform well and contribute effectively. But you cannot help the insidious arrival of ‘not quite being good enough’, of being judged at every step.

And you know it is beginning to have an impact on your performance, though you’re doing a pretty damn good job of hiding it at the moment!

The words ‘stress’, ‘burnout’, ‘MENTAL HEALTH’ keep jumping out at you, and you keep batting them back because you are, after all, a young, vibrant, go getter – aren’t you?

You fear that if you admit to mental health issues at work, you run a high risk of being sidelined at the next review, or in the next sales pitch.

Showing any form of weakness may just leave a wide enough gap for the next upcoming whizz kid to take your place.

You’ve considered visiting your doctor. But you’re informed enough to know that a doctor will probably diagnose work related stress and give you some antidepressants, but you know that’s not the route you want to take.

You need to get a grip.

You need to get back in control.

You need to get back to working at your optimum.

You need guaranteed results -FAST! And you’re not afraid to put in the extra effort to get back to being the deep down, gun-ho, go getter that you love to be – but this time with added bells on!

So here’s the deal – I need a week of your time. Book a week off – you have holiday entitlement. Take a week, and instead of self medicating on Sangria only to feel as hungover and possibly worse off when you get back to work, come and submerge yourself in a week of the Thrive Programme in Turkey.

I can still guarantee hot sun, sandy beaches, and cold beers, but I can also guarantee a growing sense of empowerment, a deep-rooted emotional reset, a super-charged self esteem and a knowedge that you now know, you simply know, that whatever happens everything is going to be fine.

And when you get back to your desk, that knowledge will continue and grow as you get stuck back into your job.

Have a watch of this quick video – it’ll tell you a little bit more about the programme you will be following.


So you’ll be getting a week in a beachfront, self catering apartment, about two hours a day 1:1 coaching with myself in the morning (my consulting room is one flight of stairs from your accommodation), then the rest of the day is yours for doing set homework and cognitive exercises, completing actions & challenges, further reading, contemplation, sunbathing, beer/wine sipping, grub-sampling, and even the odd cultural excursion!).

The difference with this holiday, is that at the end of it, you will be so revved up and ready to rock ‘n’ roll, that you’ll be sitting on the nose of the plane flapping your wings just to get you back into the real world more quickly – because the new, ‘thriving’, emotionally intelligent, supercharged you will be raring to go.

Your accommodation is, literally, on the beachfront (see photos below), with a vast array of shops and eateries all on the doorstep. You won’t have to move far for anything else all week – leaving you time and headspace to concentrate on learning to thrive!

We pick you up from the airport, drop you direct to the apartment, fill your fridge with the essentials, leave you with your Thrive Programme bag of goodies and instructions for kicking off the next morning. You have access to Wifi, telephones etc in our office downstairs should you require them, and there is also wifi access in the apartment.

The apartment is suitable for a single person or couple (or two very good friends) as there is just one double bed.

The Thrive in Turkey clinic is situated in the beach resort of Altinkum in Didim, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and is accessible via either Bodrum or Izmir airports.

The cost for the Thrive in Turkey week long course/holiday covers everything but your flights and day to day food/drink costs (though we do supply a very generous welcome pack!) So this includes, participating in the Thrive course itself (on a 1:1 basis), plus all your study materials, accommodation, and airport transfers. The cost is £1590.

Should you wish to travel with a companion who will NOT be participating in the course, they can stay free of charge (except their flights).

Should you both wish to go through to course, either together or separately, then the additional brings the total to £2240.

WARNING: Commitment is vital to the programme. Before you click the Paypal link and book your week of Thriving, ensure that you are ready to put in the work and effort required to make the changes!

If you need to know a little more about me, then feel free to click my name below. It gives you my story, my journey to thriving. All real, all raw, and all relevant to helping you start your own thriving journey. Kate Ashley-Norman

Now all you need to do is book and pay your deposit.

Or feel free to drop me a quick email to thrive@kateashleynorman, or even phone me on 00 90 544 3298466 (I do like to talk to people) and I can chat through the process and the programme in more detail.


Over the course of 4-5 mornings, we will meet for up to two hours per morning. Remember, these sessions are designed to be challenging, interactive, a basis for discussion, and teaching. There is ABSOLUTELY NO therapy involved with The Thrive Programme. We stimulate your intellectual juices with the aim of teaching you how to empower yourself and stand strong no matter what life throws at you. Our modules include:

  • The fundamentals of The Thrive Programme (TTP) and how it was developed.
  • What YOU expect to gain from TTP, and how we can measure your progress.
  • Belief systems, and how they can be both limiting and exceptionally disempowering/unhelpful.
  • Your sense of power and control over life – how being in control is not always a good thing.
  • Self esteem – and how you can supercharge your self esteem just doing a simple 10 minute exercise a day.
  • Your social confidence – are you faking it to make it? Are you hiding the real you? Are you lonely in a room full of people?
  • The power of language, and how to change it to make a difference.
  • How your thinking has become skewered and slippery over the years, and has settled into an unsettling groove of disruption and bad habit – and how you can change those grooves.
  • The most fresh and inspiring take on stress & anxiety you’ll ever need know – and how they will become a part of the past.

After you get home, we will schedule in a couple more sessions via Skype to ensure that you are on track, iron out any difficulties, process any progress, and give feedback.

Here’s that link again.

Book & pay the deposit.

See you soon.

Kate Ashley-Norman

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