10 most BRILLIANT tips if you want to change your mindset!

1. Thoughts do not come out of nowhere – YOU create them. Having created a thought, it is totally in your power to get rid of that thought. So if you have created a negative, life limiting, damaging thought CHUCK IT IN THE RUBBISH BIN AND SLAM THE LID DOWN ON IT HARD!

2. Think PINK ELEPHANTS. If you are denying yourself something, you’re actually bringing that thought to the forefront of your mind. Never deny yourself anything. Instead, make a choice that is good for you, and move on!!!

3. Be kind to yourself! Would you talk to a child in the same way that you talk to yourself sometimes? Well of course not – so STOP IT!

4. Praise yourself EVERYDAY! and on bad days, praise yourself EVEN MORE!

5. We have, minimum, 60,000 thoughts a day. If the majority of these or negative, no wonder your mind is so fucked up. Change the ratio – make most, if not all, positive (re-read #1.)

6. Ease up on what you expect from yourself. It’s never about being perfect, but about making sure you’re on the right track and moving forward.

7. Tolerate a little bit of discomfort. It won’t kill you!!

8. Use the RESET button! Fucking up doesn’t have to mean giving up. Learn where you went wrong then HIT RESET!

9. Remember – the mind acts upon the body, and the body acts upon the mind. Give your physical health the best possible chance by looking after your emotional health. And equally, give your emotional health the best possible chance by looking after your physical health.

10. Emotions are not bottled up, but created in the moment. Learn to keep a PERSPECTIVE on any situation, and maintain appropriate emotions!

I’ve plenty more where this comes from – I welcome any questions.

Kate Ashley-Norman

PS – number 11 would be: PACE – Persistent And Continuous Effort.

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