My body may get some abuse, but I treat my mind like a temple!


I love travel shows – especially those including food (I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain… have a massive crush on him actually. If anyone knows him, let him know :))
I particularly love it when shows go to far out wild and wacky places, such as a recent BBC one I watched about Mongolia.
Having spent a month in Novosibirsk in Siberia many years ago, I do have an unquenched interest in this part of the world.
Anyway…. the reporter was describing how the visit to a particular Temple was often made to generate ‘energy’ for particular events, such as a wrestling competition he was about to enter.
This particular temple apparently encouraged you to leave any negative, harmful thoughts outside. The temple guardians were obviously guarding their sacred place against negative energy.
How interesting that they obviously believed that, simply by asking you to rid yourself of negative thoughts before entering, they knew that people would just do so.
No one was going to sit in a panic on the front step and bemoan the fact that they can’t rid themselves of these bad thoughts.
No one was going to sneak inside hoping that the temple folk wouldn’t notice their bad thoughts!
I imagine that 99.9% of visitors thought to themselves – yes, this is a sacred temple. My nasty, bad tempered mood can stay here on the outside because I certainly do not want to sully my chance of getting that much needed energy. So let me park them here, and I’ll pick them up again on the way out!
Just. Like. That.
 Just like that visitors park their unhelpful, negative thoughts on the front steps of the temple and walk inside, free, and receptive to replenishing their energy levels.
The thing is, they believed they could do that just because they were entering a sacred place.
And we attribute a lot of value to the sacredness of particular places – often believing them to be sacred simply because they have been said to be so for many many years. Yet there is rarely any real, scientific proof that sacredness exists in this way, or indeed in any way!
So here’s an idea – you know the phrase ‘my body is a temple’? Well why not simply make your mind a temple? You certainly don’t need to go all the way to Mongolia to do that.
Need some help?

Have a look at this – The Thrive Programme – all evidence-based. No magic needed!

WARNING: It is a journey of self discovery that will take you to being the brilliant person you know you deserve to be. But you’ve got to WANT to do it. Because there’s a fair amount of work involved.
Certainly not for the faint hearted.
But then they never did win the fair maiden (is there a male equivalent of maiden?)
Kate ‘my mind’s a temple but my body takes a bit of abuse at times’ Ashley-Norman

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