Infertility & Childbirth: part 1

Getting pregnant, having a child, creating a family, is probably the most life changing, terrifying, exhilarating, expensive and emotional journey you can ever embark on. For some it comes as a complete surprise. For others it is all part of a carefully choreographed map through life.
But for thousands of others it can become a futile and heartbreaking series of want and despair, when months and years pass by with no sign of any baby on the horizon. Getting pregnant is hard enough. For many, maintaining that pregnancy to full term can mean week upon week of absolute terror.
Infertility – a source of sadness, of pain, of confusion. Equally, unexplained infertility – when the medical experts can find absolutely no physical reason for the infertility – can leave many emotionally distraught and guilt stricken. Stress and anxiety set in. The highs of getting pregnant are constantly overridden by the lows of miscarriage.
Ironic isn’t it, that the one thing we protect ourselves against as responsible, sexually active adults – unwanted pregnancies – becomes the one thing that so evades us when we are ready to take that family plunge.
And so, month after month passes. Maybe there is no second blue line. Maybe you’re onto you’re fourth or fifth miscarriage. The inconclusive intrusion of the doctors scratching around for a possible reason, the desperate search for something – anything – that might help, no matter how weird and wacky – just add layer upon layer of doubt and insecurity. Doubt leads to doubt leads to doubt, leading to the deepening belief that having a family is just something that is not for us.
The trouble is, every thought we have has a physical effect on our bodies.
If we belief something so stringently, then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
Coue’s Law is one of the most fundamental concepts that we teach people who go through the Thrive Programme. Coue’s Law states: “When the imagination and the conscious will are in conflict, the imagination invariably gains the day.” (Brooks, 1922).
So, if you are desperate for a child, you do everything you can to have a child. But at the back of your mind is that constant lingering doubt and fear. You fear not becoming pregnant. You are consciously trying for a child, but your imagination is getting in the way every time.
The Thrive Programme can teach you how to better manage your thinking, how to use your imagination for a more positive desired result, how to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.
The Thrive Programme will not help you get pregnant, but it will help you to create, in your own mind and body, the best possible environment for conception and nurturing to take place.
But more than this, it will help you to build the strength and psychological resilience you need if the results are not the desired outcome. You may not ultimately get what you want, but you do not have to spend the rest of your life mourning this fact.
No matter where in the world you are, Thrive in Turkey can help you get psychologically strong. Face to face or via Skype. Weekly sessions or intensively on one of our residential courses. Contact Kate on 00 90 544 3298466 if you would like to talk your needs through in more detail.

Infertility & childbirth part 2 to come.

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