Post Partum Depression – looking for a way out!

Recently I wrote a blog post about depression, and how depression can actually be seen as a positive process to go through, and to come out of the other end stronger.
To follow on from this, I have recently devoured a number of Elif Şafak’s fantastic books. In her work ‘Black Milk’, she chronicled her journey through post partum depression. The way she described coming through it in the end is an absolute reflection of the statements I was making in my previous blog. As she says: “I think I needed to live through this depression to better reassemble the pieces.”
Looking back on her depression, Elif now sees that she purposefully, though subconsciously at the time, invited depression into her life.
“The end to my post partum depression came more of its own accord, with the completion of some inner cycle. Only when the time was right, when I was “right”, did I get out of that dark, airless rabbit hole. Just as a day takes twenty four hours and a week takes seven days, just as a butterfly knows when to leave its cocoon and a seed knows when to spring into flower, just as we go through stages of development, just as everything and everyone in this universe has a “use by” date, so does post partum depression.”
Elif goes on to say:
“Every woman requires a varying amount of time to complete the cycle. For some it takes weeks, for others more than a year. But no matter how complex or dizzying it seems to be, every labyrinth has a way out.
All you have to do is walk toward it.”
If you are struggling through any kind of depression, the Thrive Programme will give you the skills and resources necessary to reach that way out and step through it energetically, positively, psychologically stronger, and without a backward glance!

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