Shit Happens!

I am going to confess something on this blog. I’ve been really struggling lately. You see, as a Thrive consultant, it is important that I practice what I preach, but these last couple of weeks I do admit that I have really been having to dig deep. I won’t go into detail as to the whys and wherefores – suffice to say that a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears were not paying off, and I was floundering as to where to go next. I’d hit a brick wall.
The reason why I want to confess this here is because this is precisely what the Thrive Programme is all about – reality! We are not promoting some fluffy spiritual nirvana where the universe will provide if you want something enough and send out lots of positive energy. We don’t encourage people to keep smiling and ‘making the best of’ a bad situation. We don’t belittle your own problems by comparing them to all the starving children in Africa, or other major/minor tragedies, so just count yourself lucky!
Not at all! The Thrive Programme is about understanding that shit happens. You lose jobs, lose money, lose health, lose friends and lovers. You may take a wrong turn into a big black hole. Someone may dump on you from a great height.
What Thrive helps you to do is to get through those hard times and come out the other end psychologically strong and intact. It helps you to sort the wheat from the chaff, and gain perspective on what is important. We are building psychological resilience.
Every time I hit a wall and come out the other side, I believe I grow both as a person, and a Thrive Consultant. It is my absolute delight to be able to help others do this too.

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