Learn to Thrive in Turkey – and in life!

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Thrive is a revolutionary psychological training programme that equips people with the self-awareness and in-depth knowledge of fundamental psychological principles and skills that they need to flourish in life. When people are thriving, they are living their life to the full. They find it easier to be resilient, to stay happy and healthy, to be successful and to achieve their goals. This unique programme has been developed by Rob Kelly and has been founded upon psychological research and Rob’s clinical experience with thousands of clients.

Kate Ashley-Norman has brought this unique training programme to the glorious Turkish Aegean coast, and from her dedicated beachside offices in Didim, Aydin, offers residential Thrive courses – Thrive in Turkey.

Many people suffering from common psychological and health-related conditions believe that their symptoms are happening to them and they, consequently, feel completely powerless to improve their situation. This, however, just isn’t true! By joining together new research and unique clinical insights, Thrive demonstrates how most symptoms and problems in life are actually created or exacerbated by people’s limiting belief systems and thinking styles. It enables people to really understand the importance of their cognitive processes and to realise that the way they think, feel and react to situations has a profound effect upon how they experience life. Through undertaking the programme, people then learn how to permanently change their limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles and develop the psychological skills needed to Thrive.

The assertions and explanations given within the programme are fully backed up by established research. This, together with the exercises and examples used throughout, demonstrates to people the veracity of the information given, and helps them to apply the principles to themselves. Working through the programme can be likened to assembling a jigsaw; once you have the pieces and understand how they combine to influence the way you think, it is easy to see the full picture and understand exactly what you need to do in order to Thrive.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have any time avail to assist me in the thrive program via Skype ? If not can you put me in contact with someone that can as I live in Canada. My emetophobia has rendered me housebound now for almost 5 years, I have purchased the book but I am looking for someone to assist me with the exercises as I do not understand sometimes therefore I am not completely benefitting as I know I could.

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